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Photography & Content creation

Lexus LC C - New Lexus LCC 500 year 2020


The new Lexus LCC 500 was shot in Los Angeles and Malibu in early 2020.
Car to car shots and static car beauties were shot for Campaign and Social Media int he mountains above Malibu Beach. The urban static car shots were taken at campus of a LA University.

BMW i8

Chevrolet Camaro 1970 LA Shot in 2020 - Chevrolet Camaro shot in LA Arts District


This vintage Chevrolet Camaro muscle car customised with modern car parts feels like a fashionable accessoire.
Shot in Los Angeles Arts District.
A dark star in a bright reduced environment.

Urban Tennis - BMW M4 in Los Angeles

New Audi Q8 – Point Mugu - The magic of silence


The new Audi Q8 picture spread was photographed and filmed along the coastal roads of Malibu and on the legendary Point Mugu spot in California. We shot and produced stills and filming to capture the magic of silence. Driving shots were made by car to car.
Creative director Richard did his work and the postproduction was done by Mainworks in Germany
The early morning surf as a destination and the pure joy of driving the Audi on the way.

The new Bentley Flying Spur - The new Bentley Flying Spur photographed in New York City


The new Bentley Flying Spur global imagery were photographed and produced in New York City.
The car is rendered via cgi and postproduction for that was done by Mainworks. The shots are tracked via virtual rig. The breathtaking architecture and atmosphere of one of the most exciting cities in the world was the right stage for this majestic car designed for maximum performance.

Range Rover Evoque in Los Angeles - Range Rover Evoque


The new Range Rover Evoque pictures were shot in LA Arts District and DTLA in a warm early morning light.
The Casting was made by Urban Casting New York
The Models are Margaux Brooke and Stevie Defelice from the Model agency Photogenics LA.

Porsche 718 L.A. - Porsche 718 in Culver City Los Angeles.


A pure sports car. The Porsche 718 Miami Blue photographed in Culver City Los Angeles. The model and Influencer is Venustraphobic. Adidas Sportswear Style made by her. Cameras by Canon 5D Mark 4 und Phase One. Car by Turo!

The new Audi E-Tron - The electric way from Barcelona to Baqueira Beret


The new Audi E-Tron photographed and produced on a non stop for charging 400 km voyage from the legendary mediterranean Metropole Barcelona to the legendary ski
destination Baqueira Beret far up in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Mini Clubman Cooper S - Dynamic short trip into the mountains


A spontaneous short trip from Frankfurt into the near mountains with the versatile and agile fin driving Mini Clubman Cooper S

Aston Martin DB11 London - The extremely elegant designed and breathtaking DB11 is the most powerful and high technically advanced DB model in Aston Martins history.


The design of this english luxury super fast car is created to tell the story of elegance and power. The archeology of elegance. London was the perfect place to produce this spread. The areas of Farringdon and Clerkenwell were our locations. The style was created with brands like Acne studios, Balenciaga, Nike Air jordan 1 and Alpha industries. Cars and fashion.

Audi E-Tron urban summer spread - Going electric Barcelona


A voyage from the mediterranean Metropole Barcelona to the legendary skiing
destination Baqueira Beret far up in the spanish Pyrenees.

The new Bentley Flying Spur - At the winery Faustino by Foster and Partners


The new Bentley Flying Spur, dynamic design, emotional styling, quality materials and fine English craftsmanship combine in this unique top-of-the-range technical and high-level innovative car.

The lightweight bull - The Lamborghini Urus in the desert of Dubai


This campaign was created in the epic widths of the red desert between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. A professional driver navigated the SUV with incredible movements and turns for the photos.

Lamborghini Huracan - The Predator


The wild Lamborghini Huracan and the constantly changing Dubai. A great campaign for a true masterpiece, a super performer. The only thing bigger than the Lamborghini Huracan experience was the incredibly high and amazing Burj Khalifa Tower.

Jaguar F-Pace-SVR - Canaries


The barren landscape of the lava-covered archipelago is the perfect backdrop for the most powerful production vehicle in Jaguar's F-PACE series. It almost seems as if this is a test drive on another planet.

Range Rover Velar - London


Photographer Marc Trautmann had to present such an elegant and modern masterpiece of design car in a new reconverted location. The architecture typical of London forms the framework: an architect's pavilion and the new Nobu Hotel in London Shoreditch, designed by Ron Arad.

Seat Ateca - New spanish mid-size SUV


The new Seat Ateca shot in Barcelona.

Audi Q3 - In the twilight of London


The offices are empty, the bars of the metropolis are awakening. The shadows become longer, the daylight drifts into the bluish light with the approaching darkness. This photo series for the Compact SUV of the Ingolstadt carmaker was created in this special lighting atmosphere.

The Unknown - Aston Martin DB 11 London


Sensuality and technology in a special symbiosis of light and darkness. A car is not just a means of transport in Marc Trautmann's photographs. It is always feelings that are linked in his photographs with a brand.

Mini - London

Smart EQ - London

Jaguar I-Pace - Norway


The electric performance SUV from Jaguar in the rough nature. Marc Trautmann lets uncompromising functionality and elegance collide. Long roads, sharp bends, difficult conditions, and elegant lines speak a clear language.

Jaguar E-Type - Schlosshotel Kronberg

Jaguar XF - Urbanity and mobile perfection


Performance and maximum efficiency paired with urban elegance make the Jaguar XF return to its roots in this photo series. The result is the expression of style, charm, and power of the XF.

Mercedes GLC - Barcelona

Kia Sportage

Jaguar E-Pace - Los Angeles


This new compact SUV Car made by Jaguar was shot in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. An urban smaller SUV made for new metropolitain urban mobility.

Jaguar F-Pace - Barcelona


In this campaign for Jaguar, Marc Trautmann once again manages to perfectly stage Jaguar's new performance SUV in front of a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop. Dynamism and design combined with luxury-class driving pleasure.

Jaguar XF - Power and style


Performance and maximum efficiency paired with urban elegance make the Jaguar XF return to its roots in this photo series. The result is the expression of style, charm, and power of the XF.

Jaguar I-Pace - Studio Daylight


Clean and perfect, minimalist and elegant, Marc Trautmann presents the electronic performance SUV from Jaguar in this studio production. The I-Pace, the electric performance SUV from Jaguar, speaks for itself and a clean future.

Jaguar F-Type - On the Canary Islands' roads

Montblanc - Hugh Jackman


In 2008, the US magazine People named him "Sexiest Man Alive“, making him the ideal model for Marc Trautmann's photo series, who used the actor and Golden Globe winner as a race car driver. Hugh Jackman seemed to effortlessly perform this role, proving that he was a perfect choice.

Mercedes GLC - Los Angeles

Mercedes GLC - Palm Springs

Lamborghini Aventador - CGI


How does the photographer portray the dynamic, the power of his protagonist in his car photography? Speed ​​is hard to capture in a photo. Thanks to CGI, however, this photo series does justice to the image of the ultimate sports car in every respect.

Tiny Tempah X Mercedes AMG GT - GQ Editorial Production in London


Who do you think is the coolest? Rapper and MC Tinie Tempah or the powerhouse of Mercedes. For the men's magazine, GQ Marc Trautmann took a photo of the English musician and the German car in this people campaign.

John Boyega X Maybach 6 - GQ Editorial Production in London

Infinty out of Space - CGI, the impossible vecomes possible


What still remains to be a vision becomes reality in this photo series. what seems to be a spaceship is on the runway is a Toyota and the driver is an astronaut. Marc Trautmann always tells a story in his car photography.

BMW 7 Series - China, the big, wide country


For this photo series, we went to the Middle Kingdom. But not in China's mega-cities, but in the deserts in the northwest of the giant realm, here, the photographs by Marc Trautmann convey boundless freedom.

Mini - Frankfurt

Jaguar XJ - Vancouver

BMW Gran Lusso Concept - Concept Car in the Alps at Cortina

Mercedes GLE Class - The vastness of nature and the power of an SUV


Where there is a will, there are ways. In his photo series, Marc Trautmann shows how the Mercedes GLE masters every stony, long or dark road in the Southern Sierras of California and Lake Tahoe.

Jaguar F-Pace - Croatia


In his photo series, Marc Trautmann stages the F-Pace with impressive design, sporty handling and surprising suitability for everyday use in the Croatian expanses of space.

Mercedes G-Klasse - Carrara Marble Quarry

Audi Q3 - Tokyo


Modern architecture and modern car design. This symbiosis could hardly have been better staged than in Japan's capital by car photographer Marc Trautmann. The power, elegance, and mobility of a new generation of SUVs.

Smart ForFour - Los Angeles