Marc TrautmannMarc Trautmann

Jaguar F-Pace-SVR


The barren landscape of the lava-covered archipelago is the perfect backdrop for the most powerful production vehicle in Jaguar's F-PACE series. It almost seems as if this is a test drive on another planet.

The campaign was produced for the agency Spark 44 K. Four weeks before the shooting Marc Trautmann flew to the Canary Islands and explored possible locations for the production. This was much better than the file of a local scout. So already high-resolution backplates could be created during the scouting and the technical exploration. Thus, it was possible to react much better to the weather and possible motifs for the customer.
Agency: Spark 44 UK
Creative: Richard Blisset
Concept: Harry S. Bourke
Jaguar F-Pace-SVR
Jaguar F-Pace-SVR 1
Jaguar F-Pace-SVR 2
Jaguar F-Pace-SVR 3
Jaguar F-Pace-SVR 4
Jaguar F-Pace-SVR 5