Marc TrautmannMarc Trautmann

Of the radar

Aircraft cemetery in the Californian desert Mojave

Once a symbol of technical progress, the giants of the skies are now vegetating. Exposed to the relentless desert, in which all that is transient, strives to decay.

Inspired by photographs of the Nevada test site by Richard Misrach, an impressive document of transience was created. Marc Trautmann succeeds in discovering these scenarios for himself and translating them into his photographs. He combines the fascinating power nature possesses, which inspires and attracts him, with technical perfection. His photos are timestamps and story worlds at the same time. A backdrop of seemingly far-removed human beings without any civilization, a scenario for science fiction films that can be found in reality on this planet. Marc Trautmann manages to discover these scenes and  successfully implement them in his photographs.
Of the radar
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