Marc TrautmannMarc Trautmann

Audi Q3

Urban and private spheres in the metropolis of Tokyo

Light and image composition are just as important in moving images as they are in photography. This is best felt in this video production for Audi. Private space and mobility in the collective environment of a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo.

In the advertising campaign for the Audi Q3, this alleged contradiction becomes the message. Directed by Marc Trautmann, who this time was not only responsible as a photographer for the realization of the campaign, but also as a director.
Director: Marc Trautmann
DoP: Timo Plogstedt Art
Direction: Jan Gericke
Creative Direction: Diether Kerner
Agency: Philipp and Keuntje GmbH
Production: NU Projects
Postproduction: Cobblestone
Audi Q3 1
Audi Q3 2