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About Cinemascope

A movie still? A capture from bygone times? A moment larger than life.
Cinemascope photography is a homage to images of movies on the big screen displayed in the large cinemascope Format of 235 x 1. The action seems to be frozen at a crossway.
In this project Marc Trautmann creates situations putting the viewer in the position of an innocent bystander in a movie scene, but which movie? The Cinemascope format is playing with the DNA of Film Shots and the viewer believes to already know what he sees. The images suggest to be taken from a Thriller, from a Fim noir or from other crime genres in cinema culture.

Protagonists seem somehow haunted and lost at the same time. Things seem out of place. There is too much space. Or not enough. What is the story? What happened before? What will happen next? There is an interaction between viewer and character in the photo. Dreams, longings and essential fears are evoked. The light in the scenes stages the situation. This way the stills show the essence of a of a complete movie plot framed in one single shot.

This project continues.