Marc TrautmannMarc Trautmann

Photography and CGI imaging

Professional photography for major car manufacturers and commercial campaigns.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY for major car manufacturers and commercial campaigns. Whether Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Toyota or Opel - Marc Trautmann never fails to depict the street’s beauty with his photography. The photographer from Frankfurt am Main believes that photography reaches far beyond the technicalities. By creating an emotional atmosphere in his campaign photos a connection between protagonist and viewer is built. Only in this way can the message of a brand campaign reach its target group.

By setting himself high standards, striving for perfection, Trautmann is able to produce high quality work and collaborate with exceptional teams worldwide. His creativity, his technical knowledge and his understanding of brands and the marketing needs of his customers characterize his success.

However, Marc Trautmann also produces personal and intimate work, such as Secret Area or of the radar, in which his unique imagery, intense involvement with the composition and staging of place, time and light is truly moving as he always tells a story in his photos and series.

Audi Q3 - Urban and private spheres in the metropolis of Tokyo


Light and image composition are just as important in moving images as they are in photography. This is best felt in this video production for Audi. Private space and mobility in the collective environment of a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo.

Jaguar I-Pace - Studio Daylight


Clean and perfect, minimalist and elegant, Marc Trautmann presents the electronic performance SUV from Jaguar in this studio production. The I-Pace, the electric performance SUV from Jaguar, speaks for itself and a clean future.

Tiny Tempah X Mercedes AMG GT - GQ Editorial Production in London


Who do you think's the coolest? Rapper and MC Tinie Tempah or the powerhouse of Mercedes. For the men's magazine GQ Marc Trautmann took a photo of the English musician and the German car in this people campaign.

The lightweight bull - The Lamborghini Urus in the desert of Dubai


This campaign was created in the epic widths of the red desert between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. A professional driver navigated the SUV with incredible movements and turns for the photos.

Lamborghini Huracan - The Predator


The wild Lamborghini Huracan and the constantly changing Dubai. A great campaign for a true masterpiece, a super performer. The only thing bigger than the Lamborghini Huracan experience was the incredibly high and amazing Burj Khalifa Tower.

Jaguar F-Pace-SVR - Canaries


The barren landscape of the lava-covered archipelago is the perfect backdrop for the most powerful production vehicle in Jaguar's F-PACE series. It almost seems as if this is a test drive on another planet.

Audi Q3 - In the twilight of London


The offices are empty, the bars of the metropolis are awakening. The shadows become longer, the daylight drifts into the bluish light of the approaching darkness. This photo series for the Compact SUV of the Ingolstadt carmaker was created in this special lighting atmosphere.

The Unknown - Aston Martin DB 11 in London


Sinnlichkeit und Technik in einer besonderen Symbiose aus Licht und Dunkelheit. Ein Auto ist in den Fotografien von Marc Trautmann nicht einfach nur ein Transportmittel. Es sind immer auch Gefühle, die in seinen Fotografien mit einer Marke verbunden werden.

Range Rover Velar - London


Ein so eleganter und zugleich immer noch moderner Oldtimer musste Fotograf Marc Trautmann bei gutem Wetter präsentieren. Und die für London typische Architektur bildet den Rahmen: ein Architektenpavillon und das neue Nobu Hotel in London Shoreditch, entworfen von Ron Arad.

Jaguar I-Pace - Norway


The electric performance SUV from Jaguar in the rough nature. Marc Trautmann lets uncompromising functionality and elegance collide. Long roads, sharp bends, difficult conditions and elegant lines speak a clear language.