Marc Trautmann

Photography and CGI imaging

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY for major car manufacturers and commercial campaigns. Whether Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Toyota or Opel - Marc Trautmann never fails to depict the street’s beauty with his photography. The photographer from Frankfurt am Main believes that photography reaches far beyond the technicalities. By creating an emotional atmosphere in his campaign photos a connection between protagonist and viewer is built. Only in this way can the message of a brand campaign reach its target group.

By setting himself high standards, striving for perfection, Trautmann is able to produce high quality work and collaborate with exceptional teams worldwide. His creativity, his technical knowledge and his understanding of brands and the marketing needs of his customers characterize his success.

However, Marc Trautmann also produces personal and intimate work, such as Secret Area or of the radar, in which his unique imagery, intense involvement with the composition and staging of place, time and light is truly moving as he always tells a story in his photos and series.

Smart EQ - London


With this new campaign, Marc Trautmann has brought the new smart EQ fortwo and forfour models to London's streets. Modern and at the same time young mobility is electric. So it's not just a matter of changing trains, it's also a lot of fun.

People London - No Casting


Covergirl, Testimonial, Actor. Who are you? Who can you be? In his photographs, Marc Trautmann puts the personality of his protagonists in the limelight perfectly. Location, light, story - he leaves nothing to chance for a perfect people photo.

Mercedes - GQ Tiny Tempah


Who do you think's the coolest? Rapper and MC Tinie Tempah or the powerhouse of Mercedes. For the men's magazine GQ Marc Trautmann took a photo of the English musician and the German car in this people campaign.

The Unknown - Aston Martin


Sensuality and technology in a special symbiosis of light and darkness. A car is not just a means of transport in Marc Trautmann's photographs. By using feelings, which are linked with a brand he achieves to give viewers a different insight on the product.

Audi Q3 - Urban and private spheres in the metropolis of Tokyo


Light and image composition are just as important in moving images as they are in photography. This is best felt in this video production for Audi. Private space and mobility in the collective environment of a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo.

BMW 7 Series - China, the big, wide country


For this photo series we went to the Middle Kingdom. But not in China's mega cities, but in the deserts in the northwest of the giant realm, here, the photographs by Marc Trautmann convey boundless freedom.

Montblanc - Hugh Jackman


In 2008, the US magazine People named him "Sexiest Man Alive“, making him the ideal model for Marc Trautmanns photo series, who used the actor and Golden Globe winner as a race car driver. Hugh Jackman seemed to effortlessly preform this role, proving that he was the perfect choice.

Infinty out of Space - CGI, the impossible vecomes possible


What still remains to be a vision becomes reality in this photo series. A spaceship is on the runway, but a Toyota and the driver is an astronaut. Marc Trautmann always tells a story in his car photography.

Secret Area – CGI - Future or past. Hollywood or US Air Force.


As in a scene from Stanley Kubrik's end-time saga "2001: A Space Odyssey", traces of earlier space projects are in the Nevada desert, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction.

New York - Jaguar XF


This project for the new Jaguar XF brought the photographer to New York. Opportunity for a photo series that stages the facades of the cosmopolitan city. But not only those made of glass and concrete, but also those who are witnesses of an ever-changing metropolis.